If you have been an animal lover and pet keeper for most of your life, you will have sad recollections. No, never refer to yourself as a pet owner. A keeper of animals sounds so much better, soothing. Yes, you are their custodian, their guardian angel almost, because how are these vulnerable creatures able to fend for themselves in this hurly burly world of vicious, violent and cruel men. You love your animals.

But they love you even more. There is something about the little ones that continues to fascinate. Is it because they are so vulnerable, and so dependent on you that they look forward to each and every moment of your tenderness and care, the best that you are able to deliver. Your sad recollections hark back to the days when even you felt so helpless. When an old dog was on its last legs there was not much you could do but wait.

emergency pet house call

When a little puppy was injured, you had to wait anxious hours before it was your turn to bring the little animal into the vet’s surgery. Now, today, there are no longer long waiting hours. Because the moment there is a domestic crisis, your little animal falls ill in the evening, you can quickly dial the vet with the secure knowledge that his emergency pet house call is imminent. He will do his utmost best to get there as quickly as possible.

Because who knows how many other emergencies he has had to take care of. You and your little one are not alone. There are so many others just like you. All waiting in turn for the good, kind vet to make his emergency appearance.