It is only birds that grow feathers. The feathers on their bodies are complex features of their anatomy, helping them to launch themselves into flight and to be, well, free as a bird. Birds are not the only creatures that can fly, but that would have to be a story for another day. In the context of this note, would it not be nice to be free as a bird every once in a while. And those wild, loose feathers do bring out something of the best in you while elevating you as a rare bird indeed. 

When you wear them around your shoulders or installed on aspects of your formal evening wear or casual afternoon outdoors gear, you do have a tendency to feel as light as a feather if you pardon the pun. Interestingly, feathers have been used by humankind for thousands of years. Just think about it for a brief birdy moment. If you lived that long ago you could write about it with your quilled pen.

loose feathers

Or, as you can still do today, you could sleep on the thought, laying your head down gently on your comfortable pillows, stuffed with goose down feathers. In the last few hundred years or so, ostriches have done quite a lot for humankind. Evening wear for the ladies could include an ostrich leather handbag. And a colorful feathered shawl draped over their shoulders. Ostrich feathers are great for party moods.

And the more outrageous and garish your ostrich feather colors, the better. You do not stand out like a sore thumb but you do get noticed. Ostrich feathers are ideal implements for party decorations and gatherings. Because after all, birds of a feather do flock together.